24 September - National Heritage Day in South Africa

As Afrikans, we are a culturaly rich nation, but as the custodians of these cultures we are too shy to VISIBLY own them.
Intercultural activities amongst ourselves as Africans is lacking. Tie these to Tourism or Tourists, you will see how quickly we dust and put on our regalia.
Are we not therefore endorsing the "zoo" mentallity of the westernised nations ?
In South Africa we have a public holiday named 'Heritage Day' and strangely the persons that exploit or selfishly utilise tthis day are the big supermarkets and other chain stores (to maximise their profits). Even though we work for these companies and some of us Afrikans do make it into their boardrooms, we have never committed ourselves to reviving or preserving our cultures within these confines.
The employees and staff here are mostly parents, who therefore never get the opportunity to show and share their heritage with their children. My conclusion herefore is that our cultures, heritage or cultural heritage is going to be lost AND we can not blame the next generation for being "lost".

If we can have a "red nose day" ; "casual Friday", etc why can't we have recognition of traditionally attired couple or family at the supermarkets and have a token/acknowledgement prize as a reward. This could be initiated by the Shopping Centre Managers of the malls in the previouslly "black" townships or villges. It is a challenge and a form of mental emancipation we need to embrace.
...... Sekunjalo !!


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