10 reasons why you need to start your own business

1. Leisure time. This one can take some time. Initially you’ll work longer hours for less pay. But if you do it right, you could start to master your schedule and the freedom that being an entrepreneur provides is awesome. I am not an mlm fan but one mlm presentation that I found said all workers have one thing in common. "They are all slaves to the clock"

2. Pride. When you build something successful, it’s a great feeling. You had a vision, were able to execute it and not can reap the benefits of saying "I did this." On the other hand, it’s tough to be proud of the zillionth request for proposal request you fill out for your employer. remember you can pass a business to your children but you definitely cannot pass a job to them nomatter how good it is. Think of all the children of great company founders like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Will you not be proud to leave such a legacy for them?

3. Job security. Have you ever been laid off, downsized, or fired? If you have, you get this. With entrepreneurship the security lies in the fact you are your own boss. You run the show and don't have to worry about getting let go. But either way, business can be bad enough to make you want to quit and look for a job. Robert Kiyosaki mentioned this in one of his speeches saying it was one of his greatest temptations ever.

4. Networking. Entrepreneurs are communal creatures. We love to meet each other, swap stories, and learn from each other’s experiences. Your circle of friends and acquaintances always grows when you become an entrepreneur, as many founders need others to lean on to survive and talk about the challenges only known to them. I remember when we attended one of the entrepreneurs conferences in Bryanston Johannesburg organized by Microsoft. Read more about Microsoft's small business initiative here

5. Doing good. While this isn’t exclusive to entrepreneurs, it’s definitely a perk. You control where your company profits go and if you choose, you can give allocate your financial gains to others. You can sponsor a charity, a non-profit or just personally give back to the community. This is quite honestly one of the best parts of being an entrepreneur. Forgive me if you think I am a Microsoft fanatic but I love the way Bill Gates does things. He has surely helped humanity in many ways. Almost all great entrepreneurs have a philanthropic portfolio of good deeds.

6. Novelty. We, as humans, love new experiences but rarely can you experience a host of new things from inside your cubicle. This all changes when you are running the show. Starting your own business will ensure you’ll always be facing new challenge and experiencing something new. in our native African language, they say "school ends but learning never ends".

7. Mentorship. Having had mentors and getting to be a mentor have been some of the best experiences of my life. Learning from the masters and getting to help those less experienced than you gives you such a sense of satisfaction. From my experience (and other's stories) the entrepreneurial community is very willing to give back and lend a helping hand.

8. Becoming an expert. This point goes along with mentorship. Regardless of what you do as an entrepreneur, if you stick with it, you’ll probably become very good at it. And this gives you a sort of soapbox, so use it. You'll have the chance to be interviewed for your expertise, write about it and get to spread your message.

9. Skills. People ask me how I learned about SEO, social media, pay-per-click, PR and all the other marketing techniques I utilize. I tell them that I was forced to learn them, otherwise I wouldn't survive. The same way I was forced to learn how to build a spreadsheet, how to balance a budget, how to negotiate leases and countless other skills I picked up because I was the only resource I had. While developing new skills can be tough and takes times, it can pay off in spades. These
skills will be invaluable throughout your life.

10.15. Financial independence. Let’s be honest, this is probably the biggest reason people get into business for themselves. And that’s a good thing! You should want financial independence. However you define financial independence – retirement stockpile, unlimited cash potential or having the money to buy what you want -- entrepreneurship can allow you to achieve it. Trust me, money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does make finding happiness much easier.

You can read more here http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/234916


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