Ntsiki Mazwai’s open letter to black people

Dear Black people….

So let me get this right….. u wear white people’s hair; you bleach your skin; you wear suits; take your kids to white schools; you don’t know your languages, customs and traditions; you swopped iizangoma for Christianity; u prefer white neighbourhoods and look down on places where there are many blacks; you laugh at blacks who don’t know English and call them backwards; u even replaced your pan African anthem with one they killed you with; you don’t know your own history but know Europe’s history; You hail EVERYTHING which is not African and then you have the nerve to say ‘it does not make me unAfrican?????” WTF *_*

What exactly is it that makes u African now that you have denounced everything African? How can you be African when you are just a European clone and western ambassador?

You confuse me when you are in denial of the over 500yrs of brainwash we have endured. My logic tells me that if I am told for 500yrs that I’m ugly…..its either I’m going to believe it or I am going to spend the next 500years emphasising my beauty so that I balance my own feelings about myself. When the bath water is too hot, you add cold water. You don’t endure the hot water, you alter the temperature.

When do we get to alter the way white people made us feel about ourselves? When do we unlearn the bullshit?

My problem is when a whole nation says one thing, but acts in another way. You say you are African yet you follow and grovel at the west. You spend all your money just to be like them. How does that make any sense?

Let’s look at the Indians and the Chinese….they have not lost their sense of identity despite suffering similar oppression (but absolutely not the same.) Not only that but the Chinese have gone on to become a world super power and they are not imitating the west. If anything, their strength and power comes from holding onto their identity. While we are promoting a 30% pass standard in a western educational system- the Chinese learn about THEMSELVES and are running the world IN MANDARIN!

Thina siyakopa and siyafaila…….nice!

The western culture is represented and has monopolised our generation…..is that ok with you? Ufuna ukuba ngumlungu omnyama?

Personally, that is not my aspiration. I come from a rich culture and I think Ubuntu is the most beautiful way of life in the world. I don’t want to give birth to children that will not know their mother tongue and stories of Queen Nzinga and Nandi.

I want my children to have access to other African countries for there is more to Africa than South Africa.

I want to raise black children that take pride in what they look like. I want my kids to have role models and celebrities who are not wearing other people’s hair. The biggest injustice we have done to the little black girl is to make her believe she needs to look white to be beautiful.

I want to see black people own their own businesses and not ALWAYS be the consumer

I want to see black people claim themselves and own up to being African.

The truth is, if you are ashamed of what you are and what you look like……you’ll NEVER be at the top of the food chain. It means you NEED to be led.

So black people…..who are you?

You are so busy behaving white, Do you even remember who you are?


  • Thank you Ntsiki,this thing of making our selves white to be recognised, kills me. Its time that we start TV Chanel that will be watched by all. If multi choice can provide channels for anything,why can't we have one that will show black cultures.customs weddings,clothing, games,ukiphahla,izibongo. I believe that going back to our roots, we need to teach our children all black cultures. We need to get companies sponsoring family gatherings as part of their social responsibility. All other nations celebrates new year except Africans. All other nations celebrate anything for themselves while blacks critic everything about African. I believe we sometime blame our children for following this colonial mentality such black sheep,black book,black everything that is not good,but these minds has been colonised.We should start standing up and unbundle this colonialism. You know that there are so many people that are having this problem about being black skinwise but white inside. In Sesotho we call them kgowatshwana, meaning black white man.

    In closing I wish to indicate that from colonial times up to apartheid time everything was colonised, politically, economically, religiously, culturally, psychologically and many more, but in 1994 we only got back political freedom,the rest is still outstanding. Biko,Sobukwes,Mandelas fought for political freedom and who are we waiting for to fight the remaining loss. This is the big question.
  • Thank you my brathaz n sistaz. The main challenge is to break the chains of mental enslavement. The damage was cozd since chld hood. It got into the vains, right in the blood. That is the part that needs serious repair.
  • Again on the issue of getting companies to sponsor our events, we look like sheep without sherperd. If we really believe in our self, a contribution of R1 per person can advance our objectives this is by the namba of Afrian. Family
  • The issue of campanies sponsoring African related programs is a challenge coz some of thoz campanies don respect african values and yet they are against the African Ideology. The higher chances of them sponsoring comes with strings attached and in the processes destroying the movement.
  • Very true guys. Africa should rise beyond its oppressors. Black man you are on your own!
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