Pastor Hastings Salanje brags : I own 27 cars, Haters can go to hell

pastor-salanje-cars"Find me a pastor who is living in a house same like mine on the picture and I will give you R2500 (K100,000)", writes Pastor Hastings Salanje.

The Malawian Pastor who is the leader of the Wells of Revival Ministries in Johannesburg has become a social media sensation and has gained more than 4000 followers since starting his Facebook page earlier this year.

Unlike most men of the clergy, Salanje, who has so far survived xenophobic attacks that took the country by a surprise recently, does not use the Facebook platform to share scriptures or reach out to his followers but rather uses it to brag and show off his riches.

His Facebook page is littered with images of his expensive cars and upmarket mansion.

"I want you to find me 3 cars similar to my one car, that Mercedes Benz S500 or 600 Blue efficiency 2012 to 2015 face lift, and I will reward you with R5,000 (K200,000). If you get one I will give you R2500, the car must be in Malawi and with a Malawian number plate, whether belongs to the government I don't mind", his latest post reads.

"If you do that then I will know that your claim is right and I will stop testifying. But if you don't then you are in trouble because I have just testified 20% of what God has done in the past 12months, you better unfriend me," he further states.

He finishes the post by listing the cars he claims to have.

"Those S classes currently I have 4 of them, and this E class I have 2 of them, 2x range rovers, 2 x Land Rover Discovery 4, just to mention a few."

His bragging has gained him a lot of criticism from those he refers to as 'haters'.

Manasse Nyirenda wrote: "stop behaving like a kid hastings! the swag of posing for photo shots in cars or standing beside a car expired many yrs ago! we know poverty dealt with u severely in Blantyre, Chilimoni before you escaped to SA! Stop embarrassing yourself and your family with your pathetic fotoz!"

Jony Gu: "The doctors should check you for mental illness before it is too late. Not everyone finds solace in Riches some find it in other priceless things which you do not have. You can't have everything."

"Pastor Hastings please lay off Nyaope, it is messing you up. You may have been blessed but this is embarrassing," Vusi Sibiya wrote.

According to website,, Salanje used to live in Lilongwe before fleeing the country amid rumours which suggested he was a Satanist.

His church, Wells of Revival Ministry was established in August 2000 in Blantyre, Malawi.

But Salanje told the people to take their bottoms away from the post and go to hell as their criticism was unwarranted and full of jealousy. He further told them that the photo was not near any boasting from him as he had 27 cars and the photo only had 5.

"If I show you a picture of all my cars you can collapse with jealousy," wrote Salanje to his critics.

"I have 27 cars and those are only 5, other 22 beautiful cars are not there," added the so-called man of God.



  • Incase you are on Facebook and you would like to verify these claims, you can go to his Facebook Page and see all the stuff for yourself. There are mixed views on the pastor's display of wealth. Here are some photos as well

    hastings 2

    pastor hastings
  • Pastor Hastings Salanje Celebrates Msungama's Misfortune

    By William Simango
    Malawi24 can only predict that flamboyant Pastor Hastings Salanje must be resting right now after throwing dance steps in an Azonto style as he was celebrating the downfall of the man who mocked him Ulemu Msungama.

    If the Facebook update by Salanje he made soon after getting hold of the news that the Lincoln limousine that Msungama posted on Facebook had caught fire is anything to go for then Salanje just sees the hand of God in the fire.

    Barely an hour after it was announced that Msungama's car had caught fire Salanje took to his Facebook medium where he has become the hero to declare that the fire was an act of God.

    "Play with God and dance the tune, am sure God has collected the promised $20,000," posted Salanje after sharing the article Malawi24 wrote on the fire that has brought to an end the life of Msungama's Lincoln Limousine registered Asaba1.

    Msungama had used the car to dare Salanje who boasts of his riches. Msungama had said if Salanje will produce a similar car as his property he would give him U$20,000 (about MK9 million).

    However yesterday afternoon the bet came to an end at Nathenje in Lilongwe as Msungama's limousine caught fire in a move that Salanje has said is the hand of God while others have claimed it is Salanje's Satanic powers trimming Msungama to size.

    Meanwhile there has been a sense of fear from Malawians who were mocking Salanje on Facebook by creating memes of their Salanje moments where they boasted of their successes with the trend of Salanje or Embarrassing blessing as Salanje had called his success.

    More cars from the pastor:




  • hummer salanje
    Update : Man who mocks pastor Salanje has his car burnt to ashes

    A few days ago he took up the challenge against flamboyant Pastor Hastings Salanje and now the car that he used to dare Salanje is no more.

    Malawi Congress Party's Ulemu Msungama has had a rude awakening after the car he used to mock Salanje caught fire at Nathenje in Lilongwe on the afternoon of Monday 01 June as it was coming from Blantyre where it had been leased to a wedding convoy.

    On 28 May Msungama posted on Facebook that he would give Salanje U$20,000 (about MK9 million) if Salanje would produce two cars to match his limousines: a hummer (Asaba 2) and a Lincoln (Asaba 1).

    His post was coming after Salanje had dared to give money to anybody who would find an equivalent of his cars in Malawi. To embarrass the man of God who has been embarrassed by God with riches and popularity, Msungama made a counter offer.

    Salanje later came to mock the offer arguing he would not need such cars as in South Africa they were used in funerals and therefore no right thinking person would boast of owning such cars which were a reminder of sad events and dark days.

    Just when it appeared that the battle had been drawn to an end and Salanje had been trimmed to size it appears the hand of God decided to raise his Pastor by striking on those who aim to mock him and Msungama's Lincoln limousine which he used for boasting has gone up in Flames completely trimming down his Salanje moment.

    This is the car of the Malawian politician who chose to mock Salanje and challenge his car after Monday 1 June. limosine solanje
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