'Horny' principal tells grade 11 pupil 'I am so cold, I want to be between thighs'

imageA 48-year-old acting principal is accused of making sexual advances to a grade 11 pupil at a East London high school. According to The New Age, Qaqamba High School acting principal Lulama Menziwa has been sending sexual innuendos to Boniswa Lusu (Not her real name) since March 2015 through WhatsApp messages.

The principal allegedly got the pupil’s number from SGB forms that were at the school and went on to communicate with her about non-school related issues.

“The teacher sent a WhatsApp message on the 5th of April at 12:14pm in which he said to the learner: “I am so cold, I want to be between thighs”,” according to the report.

“On the 13th of April at 13:07pm Menziwa sent a message to Lusu telling her to “open so I can see what is underneath the skirt”.

On the same day at 14:31pm, he sent another message saying “come, let me have sex with you”. On the 20th of April at 19:26pm, Menziwa sent a message to Lusu saying “I am so horny”.

Lusu has sent a letter of complaint to the Department of Education informing them of the sexual advances.



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