Best Comments on Floyd Mayweather's win over Manny Pacquiao and Floyd's retirement

imageFloyd Mayweather may have won the fight against Manny Pacquiao but many people say he was boring just to say the least. For a great professional athlete with much media attention to his lifestyle, you will recall that Floyd has a history of beating women in his life and has been charged with that before. Here are some of the best comments I fished online from the win of the Century.

Against Floyd
Emmanuel Icogo - Floyd should be taught to hug his wife and to punch his opponent...and not the other way around..

Victor Romero - Yeah because he BOUGHT the match! Maybe more than half the match we noticed Mayweather running scared when Pacquiao cornered him and the way he defended himself is something a little 5 year does when he is bullied. It's obvious! Something had to give for Mayweather to "win".

Mayweather has hugged Manny more times than my family hugged me in my whole life.

Brett Steele - He's not a boxing genius. He's a boring fighter who spent most of that fight either running away from Manny or hugging him, and somehow managed to pull a win from the judges. And he says he's better than Muhammad Ali. Good grief.

Persee Holyfer - Statistics of the fight:
Pacquiao: 240 hits and 30 successful.
Mayweather: 256 Hugs and 45 kilometers running.

Linda Gale - Here is a challenge. Go and Google how Pacquiao's opponents looks after every fight with him in the ring. And then Google Maywheather's opponents. You will quickly realize that he is a master at running into a corner hiding his face and hugging his opponents . He has won many fight by technical decisions not fighting ability. Facts are facts.

Billy Hall-Jones - Fairyweather.. If you went to fight you would have lost.. But you never went to fight so you won the game you went to play..

Supporting Floyd
Kevin McMullan - There is absolutely no controversy with the decision. Mayweather conducted a masterclass in boxing. Pacquaio was made to look desperate and had no idea how to change the fight after Floyd took control in round one. A true. boxing artist at work.

James Mavave- Mayweather was even booed before the match, how would you expect them to accept the results. Many people wanted Picquiao to win but they are not familiar with the type of sport their hero was involved. Its not about the number or how strong the punches were, here we talk of target. Where exactly were those punches targeted. A punch landing on the face accumulates higher points than the one on any other part. If a punch doesn't knock someone down then its difficult to measure its strength, that is when target comes into play

Burt Baguma- Ya'll can cry over the lost fight with not accepting the judges' decision but it has been decided... Pac lost! Deal with it!!

My verdict
It is clear from the judges that Floyd won and took many rounds than Manny. He dodged many punches from Manny and he was more accurate in his punching skills. Judges agreed on 10 of the 12 rounds that they fought.

Floyd's own verdict
"For my team to hand me a $100 million check is remarkable," said Mayweather, whose take from the long-awaited mega-fight with Pacquiao could eventually swell to as high as $200 million once all the record-breaking revenue is counted.
The man who has named himself "Money" said the payout was all part of a "brilliant game plan" for his career.
"My goal was to make nine figures in one night," he said.

The 38-year-old American, an 11-time world champion in five weight divisions, would have you believe that aim has been the driving force of a 19-year career, in which he's now won all 48 of his fights.
Even as the clash with Pacquiao loomed -- sparking massive global interest -- Mayweather was saying he was on his way out -- with just one more bout to come once he'd finally crossed Pacquiao off his to-do list.
"Everyone's been saying for years that I was scared and I would lose," Mayweather said of five-years of finger-pointing as he and Pacquiao failed to get together.
The passion's fading, Mayweather says, and only a desire to keep his word and fulfill his six-fight Showtime contract will see him fight again in September.

But a win in that fight would take his record to 49-0, matching the iconic mark of Rocky Marciano.
Could he then really resist going for a 50th victory?
"My last fight is in September, and then it's time for me to hang it up," the 38-year-old said.
"I'm almost 40 years old now. I've been in this sport for 19 years and have been a champion for 18 years. I'm truly blessed."
Mayweather said his last fight might not even be a world title contest.
He plans to relinquish his World Boxing Association, World Boxing Council and World Boxing Organization titles -- maybe as early as next week.

"My last fight may not be a championship fight," he said. "I might give up all my belts."
"Why? Give other fighters a chance. I'm not greedy."

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