BACK FROM THE DEAD : Man who died in car accident 4 years ago has resurrected

imageOVERJOYED mum Cherris says God has answered her prayers about her dead son.

Debaba died after a car crash nearly four years ago.

But now, she says, he's alive and back home!

Today, Cherris Maluleke (55) of Chiawelo, Soweto, can't stop praising the Lord.

She told the reporters that she never gave up hope of seeing Debaba again after his death and burial in 2011.

Cherris said her prayers were answered this Sunday when she found Debaba (22) wandering in Joburg's Braamfontein.

Now he's happily back home with his family in Chiawelo, she said.

Debaba died in September 2011 after a terrible car crash. He was 18 years old.


He was on his way to a big music festival in Giyani, Limpopo, when the car rolled and fell off a bridge.

Cherris said: "My son died at Nkhensani Hospital that day."

The family buried Debaba a week later.


And then a few months later she started seeing him in her dreams, asking to come home as he was tired of wandering around.

She went to sangomas and prophets that year and Cherris said they confirmed her suspicion that her son was still alive.

One sangoma took Debaba's clothes to use to bring him back.

"I left everything in God's hands. I told myself that if Debaba had died so be it, but if he was alive I would see him again," said Cherris.

Nothing happened until last Wednesday, when Pastor Enoch Mashasule of the Gospel of Jesus Ministries in Chiawelo said special prayers for Debaba.

Cherris fasted and prayed every night. "I prayed for my dead son to return to life," she said.

"And then this Sunday on my way to work I found him carrying a black plastic bag in Braamfontein.

"I called his name – and he called my name. I hugged him as I realised he was indeed my dead son," said overjoyed Cherris.

She said she also recognised her son by marks on his stomach and the back of his body.

"I am so happy that God gave me my son back. It has been a long wait for four years, but it was worthwhile!" she said.

Cherris took the young man at once to her church to be prayed for.

Then she took him home for a warm bath and a hearty meal with his brothers and sisters!

Pastor Enoch Mashasule said: "I am happy that she found him herself and that they are reunited again. That was what she was longing for."

When the news crew questioned Debaba he could only nod or shake his head to signal yes or no.

Cherris said she will take him for a DNA test to prove he really is her son, come back from the dead.

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  • I read this story in Daily Sun and to be honest the comments made me laugh. Here are some of them:

    A guy called Alcoholic said : He never died. Mom claimed for insurance money and now they using daily sun as a platform to announce his miraculous resurrection.

    Nonkululeko •
    so this Debaba was a yellow bone before, and now he returns pitch black? mmmmm, where was he staying all along?

    DJ Mpho •
    This is a lot of hogwash. If its truly her son it can only mean one thing. They buried the wrong person. There is no scientific evidence of anyone coming back from the dead, let alone after four years. Good entertainment Daily Sun.

    These Pastors must stop lying to people. They are looking for fame and these followers always fall for it hook line and sinker. Kesono to be ignorant for sure.

    Read more here
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