How much does a website design cost in South Africa?


The website must be simple and allow me to showcase what I do online with just about 5 pages of content. I have taken many quotations and they seem to vary from overly priced to very little price that makes me suspect that they are scams. I have a limited budget but I also need to have a good looking website at a good price. What is a fair amount that I should pay?


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    To be honest, web design costs anything from R500 to R10 000 for 5 page website design in South Africa. I will keep updating this answer as I research more on the topic. The designs and prices vary so much that will leave you perplexed over what and what not to choose.

    First of all, I want you to understand that web designing is not a physical product like soap or sugar and neither is it a standard service like a Gautrain ride or electricity usage. It is a fact that each individual or company has its own pricing structure and quality.

    The R500 website design
    So let me start with the R500 website packages that I have seen online. Most of these web designers are junior designers with little or no experience in web design services. They will be trying to raise a standard or portfolio to attract clients. Some or many of these designers use templates to design your website so there will be no work on their part. Just install wordpress,joomla or drupal or any other open source cms on a server and take free themes to start your website. There will be no custom design meaning "yes of course" your website will be identical to others out there. It takes about 6-8 productive hours to code a website from scratch if you know what you are doing. That means the whole day if you are operating from 8-5pm.

    Having said that on custom design, you will also need a web plan to actually come up with a correct design that matches the theme of the website like color combinations and backgrounds. So I clearly see that the R500 web designs are mostly template designs and hence no custom design. If you simply want a website with some information about your services or products then this may well suite you.

    The R800 to R1500 Website Design
    Lets go to the next set of web design prices which are mostly R800 to R1500. This is where most web designers start custom coding and run away from template designs. This is the modest range of designs that you can find normally done by mid to senior web developers. If you are looking for something unique and affordable, this should be your range of service charges. Whatever you decide to be fair for you at this level should be fine. You will just need to check out different portfolios and see which one best suits you.

    The R2000 to R10000 Website Design
    These are mostly top firms that have many years of experience in the industry. You will not only be paying "someone" doing your website but many other services that go with the design. These are normally packages with hosting, domains, google adwords vouchers and many more extras. These are not so different from the R1500 group but they come with extras and you will have to look around before you find the website design package that suits you best.

    Here are some links to companies that provide website design services with the prices mention here.
    Bplans Consultants R500 to R2000 websites
    Web Shack R900 to R3000 websites
    Web Designer Johannesburg R10 000 websites.

    The list is endless and you may want to check out the web design directory for more companies.

    If you own a website design company and you feel we have left you out, please comment with a link to your website and tell us what you offer in terms of 5 page website design.
  • The cost of website design has dropped significantly since due to the rapid growth of CMS websites. Now it doesn't take very long to put websites together and you can get a lot more functionality. These days it is more about keeping your website current, getting exposure and traffic, and making sure your website ranks well on the search engines. There is no point having a website if no one can find it, no matter what you pay for it.
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