Poor sleep makes life a nightmare

Bad sleeping habits could make you more impulsive, potentially leading to risky behaviour in your work and personal life, according to a new study.

June Pilcher of Clemson University in the US said: "Our study explored how sleep habits and self-control are interwoven and how sleep habits and self-control might work together to affect a person's daily functioning."

Studies have shown that time spent sleeping is dwindling in today's busy society and that more and more people are adopting irregular sleeping patterns, which lead to poor decision-making.

"Exercising self-control allows one to make better choices when presented with conflicting desires and opportunities. That has far-reaching implications to a person's career and personal life," said Pilcher.

In a 2013 paper published in the journal Obesity, a research team concluded that just one night of sleep deprivation led people to purchase more food of greater calorie content than they would had they slept well.

AFP : RelaxNews
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