12 Ugliest and Craziest Wedding Dresses That We have ever seen in the world

The wedding dress you wear on your wedding is one of the most important decisions in a woman’s life. A wedding means hiring a skilled wedding planner, buying the most beautiful diamond engagement ring and gold wedding band as well as tons of other prep. Most brides have so much on their plate in the months leading up to their wedding, but these 12 brides made some terrible choices when it came to bridal fashion. Here are 12 ugly wedding dresses that should have never come down the aisle!

Baby on Board

Oh my!! Is this wedding dress even real? I think even the a person with zero style wouldn’t be caught in this dress. Not to even mention the rest of the look!! Did her professional wedding planner or mother tell her this was a bad idea?!


Let’s just hope they spent more money on the wedding rings and honeymoon than they did on the dress. Perhaps the couple spent so much money on an elaborate floral arrangement for the wedding and table centrepieces that they couldn’t afford any more fabric for the wedding dress.

Who wears a wedding dress with a hole to show her unborn baby! I wonder what her kid thinks of her wedding dress.

Over the top

Alright alright! We all get it, you love showing off your breasts. But, this? This is too much. The wedding should be the most angelic moment for a woman, but this is clearly the opposite. We wonder what the professional wedding photographer thought when he saw this dress. How does a photographer take photos of the wedding when all eyes are on the bride?

Well, hopefully the wedding planner doesn’t use this dress and this wedding an an example of her work. Newly engaged women probably shouldn’t use this as reference of good taste.

Not to say the least, a bit disrespectful? For all the ladies out there, try and keep it a bit classier than that. Don’t follow this example. This is definitely one of the worse wedding dresses ever!

Camourflage bride

For most women, their wedding day is the day they stand out. This bride, however, decided to go a bit under the radar. Do you want to hide somewhere, and not be seen?


Not to disrespect army people, but, is this real? Why would you want to be camouflaged for your wedding? Obviously it would have made much more sense to go with green and brown themed colors for the wedding flower arrangements instead of this dress.

But wait a second; she is not the only one wearing a crazy outfit. Did you see the husband and the flower girl? Just bad choices here.

Grafitti Wedding

So graffiti is the theme for this wedding. Oh my! Does she know this is her wedding? I don’t even give her points for originality.

This was way popular back in the 90’s, but this is just tacky. Are they serious? I wonder if it was the guy or the girl who suggested they should airbrush their outfits.

At least those officiating got out of the hook and stayed clean for the day. Wishing you a beautiful life, but your dress will stay in this list as one of the craziest dresses ever. Peace and Love.

The cake dress

I understand that as a little girl you may have dreamt about a dress made out of sweets, but usually girls grow up and want white. Well not for this Ukrainian baker called Valentyn Shtefano. He baked a dress for his wife out of 1,500 cream puffs. Can you imagine how much this weighed?


Shtefano is the one who created this fashionable indulgence with flour, cream, eggs and caramel. The bride apparently loved the dress so much she didn’t want to take it off.

Well don’t be silly, at least offer your guests some dessert! All this work, to not be eaten at all? One of the craziest dresses ever!

Lingerie wedding

This is one of those things you see on the runways of Paris and think, “who would ever wear this?” Well some people don’t think that and want to copy what they see on the runway.

Not only that but they want to wear it for their wedding day! Yes I am talking about a lingerie wedding dress! This is definitely one of the craziest wedding dresses out there.

So much, that, it is not even a dress! So were these brides out of budget? Or did they want to get their parents upset or embarrassed on purpose? Would you wear something like this on your wedding day? Tell us in the comments

Sixers wedding dress

Where to start with this wedding dress? I get it that you are a big fan of your sports team — good for you. But your wedding is not about that! I am not a FAN of this wedding dress at all. It not only has the teams name on it, but also is super short, and she is wearing long gloves. Really?
That is the tackiest thing ever. At least she is wearing nice heels. But to be honest I think sports shoes would have looked more cohesive with that outfit, don’t you think?

I don’t understand why a bride wants a picture of herself wearing something like this. Doesn’t she know she will stare at it for the rest of her life? Well, at least a number of years?

Babushka Bride

So do we have to keep opening those babushkas until we get to the tiny one? This cocoon wedding dress is real! Yes! This dress was made in 1965 and was obviously inspired by Russian dolls. But are you serious, do you want to also cover your face?

This dress is all crochet, and I have to admit, this belongs in a museum, but how can someone possibly wear something like this.

Let’s say it is art, but not fashion. Definitely not fashion. Let’s hope it stays in the museum and doesn’t ever walk down the aisle to meet a groom.

Llama dress

Which one is the actual animal again? This must be a joke. Why would you ever want to look just like your alpaca-sheep-llama pet? Is this who she is marrying? I don’t see another option here. If I was the groom I would totally run away from this farm.

We’re jsut having a good laugh, this woman married her loved one and they are both farmers, so she decided to blend with nature and choose a special wedding dress!

This llama was the actual star of the show, the llama even walked down the aisle and guess what? Behaved so well for the whole ceremony. The ceremony wouldn’t have been the same without it!

Gypsy Wedding

Well these are certainly not Disney princesses’ dresses, nor from any princess in the entire world. So why even try with these tasteless ball gowns? Not only that, but why the hell would you wear a crown, you are not royalty are you? Royalty doesn’t even wear crowns like that. Not to even mention the silver Christmas outfits. I would have never guessed by just looking at the picture that these outfits come from a wedding party!


I would probably assume this is a christmas party, a costume party or maybe even an 80’s photoshoot for a funny postcard, bud a WEDDING?! Geez…

I understand some brides want to really stand out, I get it, and well they actually stand out with these! But you know, in all the wrong ways! This just really looks like a costume!

No words

I think someone’s circulation is being cut by that outfit over here. Are you serious? Is this even real? Was there actually a groom waiting at the altar to marry her? I have to say this “outfit” is very fashion forward. With its asymmetrical shapes and random gladiator strings all over her legs, who knows,
this outfit could very much one day be in the runways of New York. Or should I say dumpsters of New York? What was she thinking? Any dress would have been better than that.

Well, Coming to think about it, with this kind of dress we can’t really be sure if she’s the bride or maybe just a friend of the family who had a couple of drinks too much before the wedding.

Best Couple

Well, I don’t know who looks worse, the bride or the groom. The fashion choices here went terribly wrong, starting with this bride’s dress. This dress looks like my grandmother’s old curtains. Wait, maybe her dress was made out of her grandmother’s curtains? Looks just divine. This dress is just ugly and there is no other word for that.
Poor groom! Wait, I can say that about the bride as well! Red shirt and black pants?

Does he think he is a superhero or a movie character? Is it your wedding? Why are they both dressed like this? This new family may have serious fashion problems in the future.

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