Dylann Roof : Why did he kill 9 unarmed black people?

Dylann Roof : Why did he kill 9 unarmed black people? - Imagine this. A white man, who dresses in apartheid-era political flags. He goes to a historical Black Church in the U.S. He stays there an hour, then shoots and kills nine black people. One of them is a State Senator. As he does so, he shouts racial slurs, blaming the Church-goers for plaguing the country and "raping [white peoples'] women". This is the story of the Charleston shooting on Wednesday night.

To my mind, there is absolutely no doubt that this attack was racially motivated. There is also no doubt that it was aimed at terrorizing the black community in the U.S. Furthermore, deliberately killing a Senator, and supporting apartheid regimes, implicates a solid political intent.

Yet, major news outlets and an endless thread of comment forums are ravaged with denial. "Let's wait for the facts" (you have them), "stop making everything about race" (it is about race), "stop getting people outraged about racism" (racism is something to be outraged about), and "it's not terrorism" (it is) seem to somehow be justifiable reactions.

You see, this is why America cannot resolve its issues of racism. America does not admit that these issues exist. And how can you ever resolve something that, in your mind, does not even exist.

Arab gunman shoots innocent civilians-Blame Islam
Black gunman shoots innocent civilians-Blame the race
White gunman shoots innocent civilians-Isolated case due to mental illness.
Please Western media give us a break.

Even the Guardian Newspaper cited that
'Using the word “terrorism” to describe violence exclusively against America’s non-white people is a historical first, but the terror visited exclusively upon America’s non-white people is not.'
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What happened to Black Wall Street on June 1, 1921?
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