The outsourcing of crime to the poor black man

Are we in the Democratic South Africa FREE or just the Glorified Gatekeepers of our Colonial past ?

I write this as a South African Citizen who is very much concerned about the growing trend of murderous crimes being outsourced to the African men who through no direct fault of their own find themselves of this country's economic feeding frenzy. These African males find themselves unemployed and now unemployable due to their ages and shortage of certificates and thus become easy targets of rich whites and other deemed superior races to conduct or be accomplices of hideous criminal activities.

The South African Police and Justice systems are in almost all such cases very quick to convict, condemn and sentence these secondary victims of these atrocities. The following is a sample of how our justice systems catch our poor black men:

Year 2015
Christopher Panayioutou decides he wants his wife Jade eliminated for his personal agendas suspected of being money and/or lust. He has a mistress he wanted to live with. This man goes out and finds Luthando Siyoli and Sizwezakhe Vumazonke to carry out his murderous wishes. All three are in custody awaiting trial, but Mr Panayioutou is pursuing a bail application which the state is opposing due to him being a flight risk (has another passport, he did not declare).

Year 2013
johan kotze
Johan Kotze, otherwise known as "Modimolle Monster" plans to torture, rape and murder his wife (and stepson). He does not have the balls to carry out his hideous acts, so he goes out and recruits three black males (Andries Sithole , Pieta Mohlake and Sello Mphaka) to carry out his plan and make sure by being present and supervises these dastardly acts.They have all been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Year 2010
shrien dewani
Shrien Dewani, a British businessman brings his wife Anni Dewani to South Africa on a "honeymoon". While in South Africa, Shrien organises a fake hijacking and his wife is murdered "as planned". Shrien Dewani leaves the country, goes back to the U.K. while in South Africa, Zola Tongo, Mziwamadoda Qwabe and Xolile Mngeni are arrested and sentenced before the South African Authorities could extradite Shrien Dewani (whom they allowed to leave in the first place), because the Prosecuting Authority suddenly has a "water-tight" case against him. It takes our authorities three years to get Shrien Dewani to a South African court (not forgetting that he came to South Africa as a nut-case and spent the better part of his trial in some Cape Town loony bin). When he was declared fit to stand trial, his expensive and smart legal team blows the NPA's case to pieces and he was acquitted. The South African murder sub-contactors are in jail with the exception of Xolile Mngeni who died in prison because of a brain tumor. He unfortunately never had a chance of being sent to a loony bin or perhaps be paroled .

Year 2004/2005
mark scott
Mark Scott-Crossley had a problem with a certain Nelson Chisale(an ex employee he had fired on theft charges). He had come to Mark's farm to collect his measly belongings of a few pots and blankets. Mark as a white male full of hate (10 years into this democracy) wanted to teach Nelson a lesson but as usual in South Africa as a white man he could not get his hands dirty even though his hate and anger was overflowing and wanted Nelson dead. He then recruits Simon Mathebula and Robert Mnisi to do the work that he did not have the balls to do. His recruits then carried out his wishes, tied up Nelson, beat up Nelson and as if that was not enough Mark Scott-Crossley orders that Nelson's body gets dumped into a lions' cage. Mark was sentenced to life imprisonment, he went and appealed, his sentence was reduced to five years for a Lesser charge of being an accessory to the murder. He wax paroled in 2008

Perhaps what I want to highlight here is the fact that these men, poor as they have been would have still been around their loved ones had it not been the influences and/or coercion of these hateful monsters! Also are our learned friends and political masters blind or perhaps think that we cannot see these atrocities ? This should lead to a serious debate about the drug mules that are languishing in foreign jails while the duty-bound custodians of our constitution fold their arms... perhaps that is a matter for another time.

I I get worried ... I stay worried ....... Why the ignorance ??


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