10 things you might not know about Kenya


This article will focus on 10 things you might not know about Kenya and their history. The Kenyans, received their independence in 1963 from the United Kingdom

10 (ten) things you might not know about Kenya

1. Kenya is a geothermal powerhouse. The first Afrikan nation to drill for geothermal power, started exploration in 1950's and by 1967, 27 (twenty-seven) shallow wells were dug at Olkaria in Nakuru County. The Olkaria Power Station was completed in1981 and was the first geothermal power plant in Afrika. In 2014, Kenya launched the world's largest single turbine geothermal power plant.

2. Kenya was the first testing ground for Ushahidi (testimony or witnesss in KiSwahili). Ushahidi was initially a website developed to map reports of violence in Kenya after the post election s fa,l out of 2008. This combined social networking and Google Maps to rapidly collect data from the crowd and visualise what happened, when and where. Now this is the most used crisis mapping platform in the world.

3. Kenya was the first developing country to havean open government portal. The 22nd country globally.

4. Kenya was the first country to destroy stockpiled ivory in 1989, former President Daniel Arap Moi torched a 12 ton pile of ivory tusks. Since then a number of countries has followed this example.

5. Kenya was the first country to introduce Islamic Banking in the Eastern and Central African Region a decade ago.

6. Kenya was the first Afrikan country to establish an Ecotourism Society, the first to set up a certification scheme to evaluate performance of hotels and loxges based on Ecoprinciples.

7. Kenya was the first country in Sub-Saharan Afrika to establish a National Family Planning Program, launched in 1967.

8. Kenya was the first African country to establish Marine Protected Areas, the Malindi and Watamu Parks and Reserves established in 1968.

9. Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta was the first sitting Head of State to appear at the International Criminal Court in the Hague. President Kenyatta appeared on the 8th October 2014.

10. Kenyan athletes hold the Boston Matathon records for men and women.

The Kenyan music group, the Moipei Quartet recently became the first non-Americans to sing the American anthem before the NBA play-offs (match between the San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Clippers in Texas.

Why did the world stop on Charlie Hebdo killings but passed on silently on 148 Kenya students?

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