10 real life stories that will inspire you today

Everyday we are surrounded by different negative thoughts and people. We need to break from such people and live in the sunny side of life. Here are ten stories that show how things can just turn around when you least expect them to.

1) A little girl was dying of cancer and her younger brother had a match for the bone marrow she needed.
The doctors told him it was a matter of life and death. After he had the surgery, he asked the doctors how long he had to live.
He thought if he gave his bone marrow to let his sister live he would die - but he did it anyway.

2) I have always been self conscious of my appearance and I'm not photogenic at all.
My Grandpa saw my latest school photo, which I hate. He turned to me and said, "You're going to be a movie star, or a model." It was the first time I've felt beautiful for a very long time.
My Grandpa

3) My mother found out her coworker's wife's catalytic converter was stolen, so he wouldn't have any money to give his large family a Christmas.
My mom told her coworkers and in 90 minutes she collected over $600. She surprised him with the money and he started crying.
The money helped him give his family a Christmas.
Mom, you and your coworkers

4) I went on a vacation, and on that vacation, my stepfather had sent me texts threatening to kill me.
It had been decided that I would stay here because of that. You offered me a place to stay, safety, comfort, and love.
We've been married for four months now. I thank you so much for everything. You will always be a part of me.

5) My best friend is truly amazing.
He spent his childhood locked away and abused, he's been raped and he has an assortment of mental disorders.

Despite everything that boy has been through, he puts everyone's happiness before his own and lives to help others through their life problems despite any problems he's going through himself.

6) I was bullied in elementary school about my weight, I was depressed and didn't have many friends
I was very happy when I finally left last year. I went back to volunteer a couple weeks ago and I was there ten minutes when some pretty, older girls came up to me and said, I was really pretty.
I didn't know any of them.
Random acts of kindness

7) A few weeks ago I was in a depression and was going to end it all.
My mom caught on to it and told me if I could wait just a few minutes she would try to help.

She came back with an envelope.

That envelope contained a letter from my dad, stating all the reasons he didn't want me to kill myself like he had 12 years ago. Thank God for you dad. I have new hope for myself and I am not going to let bad things drown me. I am an overcomer.

8) My sister is a cancer survivor and is offically cured.
She was diagnosed when she was 14 and is turning 20 next week. I am inspired by her total selflessness and ability to inspire others even in times of despair. Happy birthday Jenna.

9) I don't have much money.
So today at school I almost had to put my lunch back again, but luckily I went to a different register. I was talking to the lady and some random upperclassman gave me $2 to buy my lunch. People like her make me wanna go to school. People like her, Give Me Hope.

10) My Aunt died of cancer last year.
Sitting with her only hours before she would take her last breath, I asked her if she believed in heaven. She said yes and said when she went to heaven, she would send me a rainbow to let me know that she was safely with the lord. A rainbow appeared on the day of her funeral.

What can we learn from such things. Surely at the darkest hour things can turn again. Lets give each other hope and courage to fight battles in life. We are never alone. Someone, somewhere is waiting to change your misery to brightness. Jesus is the answer.
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