Pastor Mthunzi Namba (Joyous Celebration leader) is a serial womanizer says wife infront of church

Pastor Mthunzi Namba one of the Joyous Celebration leaders is a serial womanizer : says wife infront of whole church. Sunday Sun carried a story on him on Sunday 7 June 2015 with the headline "NO JOY FOR MTHUNZI! Pastor’s wife gives sermon of her own". Certainly we all know that pastors are humans but we expect them to hold high moral standards and live by the words they preach

mthunzi namba

GOSPEL heavyweight pastor, Mthunzi Namba, must have had one wish a fortnight ago! The Joyous Celebration leader probably wished for the earth to open up and swallow him whole rather than face an embarrassment in front of his congregation.

Members of Mthunzi’s church were shocked when his angry wife, Thabile, allegedly revealed some dirty secrets about their marriage.

According to members of the His Glory Worship Tabernacle Church in Durban, Mthunzi bowed his head in shame after Thabile aired their dirty laundry right in front of the congregation.

One of Sunday Sun’s sources revealed that Thabile, who was in the company of her children, took over the microphone and started to share her trials and tribulations with members of the church.

The source told the People’s Paper Mthunzi’s wife revealed all about his philandering ways and going AWOL from his family.

“Among other things, Thabile told church members that Mthunzi has an allergic reaction to his family as he doesn’t sleep at home and doesn’t spend time with his children or his wife.”

She said: “As you see him in front of you, we don’t even know when was the last time we saw him at home.

“He’s busy preaching to you here while he does the opposite outside the church,” Thabile said.

Former church member Sindi Xaba, who has quit the church a while ago, told the People’s Paper these revelations about Mthunzi are not new.

Sindi went on:
“He (Mthunzi) loves women and many of us always knew he had side chicks.

“But I know he loves and takes care of his children. It may be that Thabile used her children to ruin Mthunzi’s image.

“Anything is possible with Thabile because people know how rude she can become.”
Another source, who is a member of Mthunzi’s church, said members of the congregation hold different views on the Mthunzi-Sindi family issue.

“Some are sympathising with Thabile. And others are supporting Pastor Mthunzi.

“Those who took Thabile’s side said they believe her because Mthunzi is always travelling between Joburg and Durban.

“They say he is a difficult man to deal with,” the source said.

Mthunzi and Thabile were not available for comment, and did not respond to our SMSes.

Pastor Sibongiseni Ndlovu, who serves in Mthunzi’s church in Pietermaritzburg, promised the SunTeam that the couple would respond to the allegations, but when contacted later he did not answer and was not available at the time of going to print.


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  • These allegations are very serious. My prayer is that he will rise up from the dust of sin as a child of God which i believe he is. One thing is for sure... The wife was not supposed to do that as it brings shame to the house of God. I don't condone what the pastor did but but neither do I support the way his wife handled the situation. Men cheat and that is a fact although not all of them. We all need God's grace to overcome sin and temptation.

    Here is the song that I love from this man with Joyous celebration called "Lord I can feel your presence in this place"

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