Lundi Tyamara the prominent gospel singer impregnates married woman

Gospel singer Lundi Tyamara has landed himself in hot water after reports surfaced that he is the cause of not only breaking up a marriage, but also fathering a child with a married woman.


Move! is reporting that Lundi is at the centre of a marriage scandal, where sources have revealed that he has had a long lasting affair with a married woman and fathered a child with her.

The magazine claims that the woman's husband was unaware of claims that the child was not his and has since divorced his wife.

But there's a twist. Lundi, who is apparently openly gay, has denied the claims. His manager, Anele Hlazo, says that it's all an elaborate claim to discredit him.

It clearly hasn't been a good year for the praise singer, who earlier this year claimed that he was beaten up by police for being mistaken for a hijacker. Daily Sun spoke to Lundi, who showed pictures of his injuries and spoke out about the traumatising incident.

It seems Lundi is ignoring the unwanted attention, making no mentioned of the reports on his Facebook page.

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