Open letter to president Jacob Zuma on corruption in South Africa

imageOpen letter to president Jacob Zuma on the Nkandla firepool and corruption in South Africa : Baba Msholozi, I was on my way to your office to bring to your attention a matter regarding my home town , namely the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality in the Eastern Cape. As I was closely approaching, my attention was drawn to a press conference addressed by our Police Minister, Mr Nathi Nhleko. I stopped and listened attentively.

At the end of the press conference by Minister Nhleko, I turned back and went home. Sir, I could not pick up the courage to continue going to your office. I was on my way to alert you to the abuse of the tax payers' money in the Buffalo City Metro Municipality, then on hearing the Police Minister and the Security Cluster's casual approach to the Nation gripping expenditure incurred during the "security" upgrades to your house, I could not carry-on.

Because I love my country, I wiped off the tears for my beloved country and picked up the courage to write you this open letter.

Let me start from the beginning :

Dear President J. G. Zuma (of South Africa),

I am writing to you now as an Afrikan, and wish to share some insights into our problems as the Afrikan nation. I must applaud your efforts in attempting to resolve the crisis in Burundi. Sir, before you board your plane to Dar-es-salaam, I would like to humbly offer you some mental "padkos" (padkos is an Afrikaans term for a provision you carry for a long journey).

Burundi cannot be ignored and I would like you, Mr President and the other Statesmen you are meeting, to introspect. In your country, South Africa, a mayor of a city is in court (out on bail) for corruption or fraud or embezzlement of funds meant for the memorial services of our departed international icon, former President Nelson Mandela.

This mayor instead of defending herself and her team of co-accused in a court of law, uses her powers as a mayor to character assassinate and attempt to suspend (with intentions to fire) her own Municipal Manager, because he could be a key state witness against her and her ilk. She has so far failed, sadly she is using her office and finances to execute her evil deeds. At the last count she has wasted R 325 000.00 (three hundred and twenty-five thousand rands) on failed council meetings to get rid of the City's Munucipal Manager.

A noble thing to do would have been for the "honourable" Mayor to step down and await her exoneration by the courts - but no she will hold onto power by all means.

I then come to an issue closer to you, Sir. There has been a national outcry on the expenditure for the security upgrades of your private home. The nation's Public Protector that has called upon to investigate the huge escalations of the costs of providing these upgrades, felt that some of the work did not serve as security measures but could just make you and your family's life more comfortable.

The Public Protector then suggested that you Sir, as the owner of the residence, chip in and pay (out of your own pocket) for some of these non-security improvements. To the ordinary man-in-the-street, you have refused. The refusal was, yes more technical and camouflaged than that done by the Buffalo City Mayor.

Without going to details, Sir I am worried that in the event of a change in the choices that the citizens make in selecting their administrative leadership (voting) and another political party defeats yours and hers. Do you think the "honourable" mayor would be willing to vacate her office and relinquish the power she is currently abusing ??

In conclusion, Sir, I say : the ROT starts here. Who knows, in the next decade or a few, the people that we allow to abuse the power of their offices will be holding a country to ransom and people like yourselves will need summits to convince these spoilt power-mongers to step down. It is my observation that the progress of our Continent of Afrika will forever be retarded.

Thank you for your time and kind consideration hereof.



P.s. I ensured that I refrained from using the N-word, but wrote of your residence instead.

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