Open letter to Bruce Jenner now known as Caitlyn Jenner : You are wrong and you are loved

Oops I woke up to a news article on my favorite news website that a well known male Olympian and actor had suddenly changed to a woman and that is none other than Bruce Jenner into Caitlyn Jenner. The news sent shock waves throughout the world and became headlines just about everywhere and here is my little piece of thought from a Christian perspective.

bruce jenner now caitlyn jenner

“Transgender“ is an umbrella term for various situations in which a person’s gender identity or expression differs from what is typical for their birth sex.

This can sound confusing, because many of us use the words “sex” and “gender” interchangeably to mean whether you are male or female. But for students of gender, these words actually have different meanings.

“Sex” refers to your biology: When you were born, the doctor looked at your genitals and announced “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” That’s your sex.

“Gender,” on the other hand, is largely in your brain: It’s that internal sense you have of your own masculinity or femininity.

A transgender person’s internal gender identity and/or outward gender expression can differ from what is typical for someone with the sex organs they were born with. And yes, the word “transgender” (not “transgendered”) is an adjective, so you would refer to someone as “a transgender person,” not as “a transgender.”

The Letter
First of all I would love to point out Caitlyn that your choice is "not" none of my business as we are all part of the global human family. What affects one affects all except of course those who don't care. As a Christian, Caitlyn I certainly know that a big LGBT community exists and no amount of talking or hatred can stop that. What we need to do is to embrace our diversity and learn to live with one another in peace. After all the bible says if possible be at peace with all men (Romans 12 vs 18). Christians are not homophobic or trans-phobic whatsoever. That is if you view these words of hatred to speak against people involved. The bible says we should love one another and I take it from there. It goes on to say we should love even our enemies and to me that means we have no place to hate people as the body of Christ. But as the headline reads "You are wrong and you are loved".

All these things can be summed up in the following paragraph:

Quoting my friend Bruce Itai from Facebook
Bruce Jenner has officially revealed his new identity, after her transgender surgeries, as Caitlyn Jenner. What struck me as I am reading the wires on this development is how he says he had a panic attack in March after a feminasation surgery where she asked herself, "What did I just do? What did I just do to myself?" My mind quickly raced to Romans 1:19 and 21 where Paul says, "For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them... For although they knew God, they did not honour him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened." I guess we just gotta be reminded that our business is to preach the saving gospel and see God saving some. The days are really evil as the Bible has already prophesied
The issue of morality, a means or system to rightly judge what is right and wrong can only be made if we all believe the same thing and here I am talking to man (oh no I meant woman) who is said to be a Christian by Wikipedia.
Wikipedia says Jenner is a professed Christian, leans politically conservative, and is a Republican.
I want to put down my pen now. No insults and no trampling on you. As a Christian community we say, Bruce please come back. If you choose to remain the way you are, we will love you anyhow. Our job is to bring people to Christ and let Him(Christ) transform them. We do not hate you but we hate the sins that you commit in the name of being a transgender person. God made you fearfully and wonderfully according to Psalm 139. He loved you that way and His design was not a mistake! Before you rubbish this article as another piece of bigotry as many Christian views are now called by the secular world, let me tell you this letter stands as a witness that Christians still uphold the word of God. We cannot let it go under the foot of unbelievers. We will stand with it no-matter how much the world despises it.

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  • I believe that is true my brother my brother Vee. This has to reach many people. We do not hate the gays and lesbians but we do not accept their way of life. Whilst we can't impose that on them we want them to know that we love them and we want them to come to Christ.

    The “transgendered” label reflects a sexual identity confusion and not a true condition. God doesn’t create a person with the genitals of a male and the consciousness and heart of a female. In Genesis 1:26, the Bible says, “And God created man in His image, in His likeness; male and female He created them . . . . and it was very good.” Maleness and femaleness are God’s choice, determined at conception. But growing into one’s masculinity or femininity and embracing it can be thwarted by very early events that prevent children from having a clear sense of their gender. Gender identity is a developmental issue, and it starts at birth. All the many, many layers of affirmation and validation of one’s personhood that contribute to self-understanding (of which gender is a part) start getting laid down the moment one is born, and they go on hour by hour, day by day, for years in childhood. No wonder so many people think they were born gay, lesbian, or transgendered! They can’t remember all the way back to birth when the messages they received about who they were, had yet to be delivered. In addition, some people perceive the messages of parents and family differently than what was intended, and those perceptions ARE their reality.

    The biblical view is that God’s intent for every male is to grow into masculinity, and for every female to grow into femininity. When that doesn’t happen, the culture has come up with new labels to describe something new and different: transgendered, transsexual. I believe God isn’t affected by these new labels nor does He have to honor them: He sees the people behind the labels as His precious, broken children. It’s only recently that the culture has tried to suggest that “a woman in a man’s body” and vice versa is a variation of what is normal and right. The biology of sex alone tells us that homosexuality (under which these other categories of emotional/sexual dysfunction should be put) is not normal. The Bible tells us (Gen 1:26) that God’s intent is heterosexuality, with definite boundaries between men and women in both appearance and behavior
  • "No Bruce. You are not a woman. You may have fake breasts, long hair, a great cosmetologist, and a professional photographer, but over all that, you really have a disorder. A psychological disorder."


    Confusion, disorganization, irregularity, dysfunction, disturbance.

    Gender Identity Disorder

    In other words,

    Gender Identity Confusion
    Gender Identity Disorganization
    Gender identity Irregularity
    Gender Identity Dysfunction
    Gender Identity Disturbance

    Does this sound like something we as a society should be promoting through psychological and surgical means?

    Normally, treatment for mental disorders involves some attempt toward reversing or reducing symptoms of the disorder.

    For Anorexia Disorder, the goal is to stop starving yourself.
    For Binge Eating Disorder, the goal is to stop stuffing yourself.
    For Anxiety Disorder, the goal is to stop stressing yourself.

    How ridiculous would it be to tell a person with Anorexic Disorder that they looked overweight.
    How ridiculous would it be to tell a person with Binge Eating Disorder that they are completely healthy.
    How ridiculous would it be to tell a person with Anxiety Disorder that their anti-anxiety medication could kill them.

    You would not be promoting the disordered individual's well being. You would not be promoting order, but disorder.

    And yet this is exactly what our society is doing with Gender Identity Disorder; rewriting all the rulebooks that once called it a mental illness and instead promoting and advancing that mental illness as a normal lifestyle option. The system is changing to classify this specific mental disorder as normal and accepted, pushing sexually confused men, women, and even children further into their sexual confusion.

    Progressive parents are sadly nurturing this by administering hormone therapy to their children to delay puberty in preparation for gender reassignment surgery, buying them clothes that belong on the opposite sex, and even changing their legal names to conform to their child's confusion rather than nurturing and rearing them consistently with the gender that was assigned to them at birth.

    I'm not a parent, but I know that kids have imaginations. I was a kid once. When I was about 7, I remember playing house with my sisters and their friends. I remember walking down the aisle (hallway) with my neighbor. We had all decided (imagined) that I was the husband. Should we have stopped at our imaginations? Should our parents have booked a venue, rented tuxedos and dresses, met with a jeweler, and invited all my friends from school?

    Yeah... No.

    Kids imagine. Kids imagine and even play games where they are a member of the opposite sex. Adults are usually (usually) more realistic. Should parents really promote imagination as reality? Apparently, many adults have great imaginations too, because that's exactly what they are doing when they promote the idea that a male can become a female or that a female can become a male: a physical, anatomical, sexual, reproductive, hormonal, emotional, relational, and societal impossibility. Yes. Impossibility.
  • Kanye West enlightens us on his thoughts of Caitlyn Jenner

    Los Angeles - Kanye West admires Caitlyn Jenner.
    The Bound 2 rapper is reportedly very fond of his mother-in-law, who was known as Bruce Jenner before undergoing a gender transition.

    A source said: "[They] have gotten very close and trust each other implicitly, they've bonded over a lot in recent weeks. [He] admires [her and] the fact she stuck around so long in a truly awful environment."
    The 38-year-old star is reportedly getting tips from Caitlyn on how best to "stay sane" when surrounded by Kanye's wife Kim Kardashian West, her sister Kourtney Kardashian and Caitlyn's ex-wife Kris Jenner.

    The insider added to US' OK! magazine: "Kris, Kim, Kourtney and co. breathing down your neck all day is anyone's nightmare - and Kanye has been milking Caitlyn for advice on how to stay sane.
    "[She told him to] stick up for himself on a day-to-day basis."
    Meanwhile, the 34-year-old television personality recently insisted the 'whole family" were supportive of Caitlyn's gender transition.

    She said: "No matter what, we love [Caitlyn]. I know [she] feels great that [her] whole family does support [her].
    'I feel for people that don't have that support. There's such a high suicide rate in the transgender community, which is heartbreaking."
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