Pastor prays for people who feel the "heat" of the anointing and start stripping in church

strip church
In a bizarre incident that left many residents shocked a pastor from End Time Disciples Ministries in Soshanguve Soweto, prayed for his congregants and they felt the heat of the anointing until they stripped naked

THE pastor preached and the congregation danced.

He preached some more and they said they were too hot for their clothes and started undressing.


In his service on Wednesday night, Prophet Penuel Mnguni of the End Times Disciples Ministries in Soshanguve extension 13, Tshwane spoke about Adam and Eve.

He said God placed them in the Garden of Eden naked, and because they had faith in the Lord, they didn’t even know they were naked.

He quoted Genesis 2:25 that said Adam and Eve were as they were created.

“Having no clothes on them, they stood in need of none to shelter them from the heat or cold, or to conceal any parts of their bodies from the sight of others,” read the pastor.

pastor mguniHere is the pastor with one of the followers. Image credit DailySun

He said with the help of God they could even change the weather, and as he spoke people started sweating, saying it was too hot, and started taking off their clothes.

The pastor said that was a healing sign and everyone who was in the church was healed and delivered from evil.

Speaking to Daily Sun yesterday, Pastor Penuel said Pastor Daniel, the man who made his congregation eat grass, is his spiritual father.

“Daniel has been my spiritual guide for many years,” he said.

Penuel said people condemn him because only the wicked see the naked part of a person. He said there is no shame in nakedness if one really believes in the living God.

“At first it seemed as if the people could handle it,” said a member of the church.

“But as the preacher spoke the heat increased until it was burning hot and they took off their clothes.”

The source said as men and women were stripping down, the church prophet kept telling them: “God is with us, and to God be the glory!”

The source said it was the fear of God that made them take off their clothes.

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