Pastor dies straight after saying 'If the Lord called me now, I'm ready'

bibleA 56-year-old New Orleans pastor has died after saying 'If the Lord called me now, I'm ready'. Kenneth Green, the senior pastor at Greater Saint Mary Baptist Church in Algiers collapsed and died in the middle of his sermon, according WDSU News.

The sermon was titled "down but not out".

"And then he had mentioned that the if the Lord called me now 'I'm ready to go,'" Joan Martin, who was sitting in the pew. said.

A few minutes later he was on the floor.

"He took a swallow of water, before he took water he wiped his face, and then he looked up and it looked like his eyes were rolled back, like there was no life in his eyes, and he tumbled over. Everybody was in a state of shock people were crying," said Martin.

Martin phoned 911, but they could not resuscitate him.

He left behind a wife and three children.
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