Zuma calls for Africa's inclusion in UN Security Council

imageMoscow - As Russia on Saturday held celebrations marking seven decades since the defeat of the Nazi Germany and the end of WWII, President Jacob Zuma called for Africa to be included in the United Nations Security Council.

He was in Russia along with other heads of state to celebrate the historical events.

"With the celebration of 70 years since the end of the war and 70 years since the formation of the UN, the spotlight falls on the shape of the world order currently, especially the exclusion of Africa from the permanent membership of the UN Security Council,” Zuma said in a statement.

"The time has come, therefore, for the world to seriously reflect on this exclusion of Africa yet again, 70 years on, and seriously discuss the question of the meaningful reform of the UN Security Council, as we commemorate the contribution of Africa to the war against fascism.”

He highlighted the contribution by South African soldiers to the war and the defeat of fascism.

"This is an important occasion as it marks a significant period in the history of the world, the defeat of fascism and Nazism," Zuma said.

He said South Africa would continue working for a better Africa and a better world in memory of all people who contributed to the war against fascism and those who fought relentlessly in the struggle against apartheid colonialism.


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