Respect our culture : TOO SEXY FOR THE FUNERAL!

SOME people say sexy young kasi women outrage their elders when they break with the culture of mourning.

Indiscreet male mourners tend to stare at the young women with lust when they wear short skirts and see-through clothing to a funeral.

At one funeral in Port Elizabeth’s Booysen’s Park on Saturday a woman sparked fury with her mini skirt, high heels and a bared shoulder.

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The elders criticised her, but she ignored them. She wouldn’t speak to the SunTeam, but other young mourners defended her.

A 21-year-old woman who would not be named said: “We like attention, but men do not take us seriously.

“At funerals men give us the attention we deserve.

“Old and young offer us lifts to the graveyard.

“A man who gives you a compliment at a funeral is sober-minded, unlike in taverns. But our parents disapprove of our way of dressing. They must understand that times have changed,” she said.

Angry Thamie Mcinga (59), of New Brighton, said: “It is wrong to wear short skirts and transparent outfits to funerals. I will not allow it at a funeral of my relative.

“We are Africans. They must respect our culture. Their parents must tell them to dress properly.

“I grew up in Willowvale. The place to meet girls was at the river, not funerals.

“Funerals are no place for dating. Our kids should respect that!”

Gogo Nonkululeko Soyizwaphi (78) said: “It is wrong for women to go to a funeral semi-naked.

“Women should respect their families and culture.”


  • Here are some interesting comments from the Daily Sun website on this story:

    madimetsha wa Maka •
    A 21-year-old woman who would not be named said: “We like attention, but men do not take us seriously.

    “At funerals men give us the attention we deserve.


    if you have to dress like those R30 Magosha on President str ( JHB ) to get attention, feel sorry for you

    Miss_T •
    As a feminist and a young woman, I find this article disrespectful. We, as women, are always looked down upon for what we are wearing. Should we not be allowed to wear what we feel comfortable in. I do understand that there is a time and place for everything, but at least she did not come in another color. We should stop frowning upon women and let them be. I am disgusted by the comments, that one would imply rape and you look at her as if she is a whore. Should one be given such names, she is someones daughter, someones wife. Yes I am black.

    In response to Miss_T
    tellitlikeitis-period Miss_T •
    Sweetheart im sure you are a feminist of some sort but feminists also have self respect a feminist myself but i wouldn't sell myself so short all in the name of feminism..true feminists don't go to funerals for attention from men because they are confident, they don't need men for attention, feminists are sure of themselves and don't need to dress like that at a funeral to prove themselves.Feminists respect culture too and have respect for the dead and i believe indeed there's a place and time for everything and that picture is not a feminist but a ghetto trash, feminists prefer to be recognized for your talents and not your looks.Feminists run their own households and lives without men and their attention.They are interested in advocacy and have strong opinions about issues that affect everyone esp women but such issues don't include ridiculing yourself and stooping so low for attention unless you have a different definition of what a feminist is.
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