Open Letter to South African Opposition Parties (Afri-Hatred and Afri-Phobia)


(1) Leader of the Opposition
(2) Members of Parliament

Parliament of the Republic of South Africa
Cape Town

Dear Honourable Members of the Opposition


We, concerned and peace loving Afrikan citizens, wish to voice our concern at the deafening public silence of your political parties regarding the on-going and escalating violence against fellow human beings, in Durban and spreading. The perceived sins of these people being Black like the majority of South Africans and finding themselves in the Republic of South Africa.

No doubt you are aware that a significant number of the victims of this violence are in South Africa due to unbearable political and/or socio-economic situations in their native countries. Surely you should all be aware, and therefore do not need to be reminded, of the serious, targeted, state sponsored violations of human rights in some Afrikan countries.

The attacks on these vulnerable persons and their children are totally against the age old principles and values of Ubuntu and the South African Constitution, which you, yourselves, as Members of Parliament should be upholding, promoting and protecting.

We have written letters to the President of the Republic of South Africa and his Cabinet Ministers and we are not receiving any positive responses. We have instead listened to "spin doctor" types of media statements.

The least that we expected from the elected leadership was:

(a) The State President publically addressing the nation, not just parliament, and strongly and unequivocally instructing the perpetrators to stop the violence, immediately.

(b) Confronting or asking His Majesty, King Zwelithini to retract his statements that seem to have sparked this violence. In the event that His Majesty denies the veracity of the statements he be afforded an opportunity to put the record straight.

(c) Confronting the President's son Edward to desist from making inciteful statements and calling him to order.

(d) Providing effective security including deploying the army to protect the people.

As opposition members of parliament, we urge you to publically add your voices (individually and collectively) to the efforts being made to stop this lunacy. Besides responding to the President's speech and playing politricks with people's lives we urge you to emulate the Honourable Dr. Mangosuthu Buthelezi who wasted no time and did not need to wait for two weeks and for a parliamentary session before, not just condemnation of the mindless killings but also calling upon the people to stop and further proposing practical interventions on the part of government.

Your perceived silence, delayed reactions and failure to publically address your members on the obvious issue of Afri-hatred and Afri-phobia (so-called xenophobia) is too little and too late and gives the impression, to fellow Afrikans and, in fact, the entire world, that you either condone or support this hooliganism and are not able or willing to educate your members about the evil nature of the ongoing Black on Black violence.

Our efforts in highlighting and seeking to find solutions to these barbaric actions are growing in support and can be clearly seen by the people that have visited and/or commented on our website,

Together with calling upon you to make a public call to stop the killing we implore you to sign and encourage your members to sign our VERY URGENT LETTER TO PRESIDENT ZUMA.

Here below, is the link to the letter in question. Please sign and e-mail to the Presidency and also encourage your members to do the same.




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