A Mothers's Day Letter to an African Mom

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I know my dear mum that you are often undermined at home. We focus on our father, the provider forgetting the gentle strokes that breathe his generosity our way.

It is often said that a man may be the head of the home, but the woman is the neck. This cannot be more true for the African mother; submissive in every way to her husband as society and religion demands of her, bearing excesses and covering flaws of her man with great finesse and presenting him to her children and peers as a protector and provider.

She is constantly on her knees, in the presence of GOD, committing the affairs of her household to the Almighty. She works hard day and night to ensure she holds her own in the home front and support her man diligently to the envy of others.

My African Mum, subtle in her speech, kind to her cub as no one will ever love them like she does, she loves them to a point of bias that she is willing to take over and over again from her children what she will not take from another.

She makes sure there is always food on the table even when daddy hasn't been able to provide the money for the feeding. She is willing to forgo her own pleasures and satisfaction just for one more day of comfort for her family. She will go to any length, tolerate disrespect and even endure hardship and torture because she refuses to leave her babies for another woman to look after.

The Afrikan mum, my African mum, is loyal in every way, kind and gentle at heart, especially to the ones she holds dear.

There will never be anyone on this earth quite like her and on this Mothers' Day, I love you and how much I truly appreciate the experience of having you in my life.

If GOD be truly kind I pray that He will truly give you long life, Oh Mama Africa, to enjoy the fruit of your labour in the life of your children.

[With a Special Credit to Ose Okpamen - CEO & Creative Director, HOLLEROSE Fashion Brand]


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