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These days when we talk about food security, people think of markets with import and export values. Food produced by large conglomerates.

Afrika has been FOOD-SECURE since the time of our great-great grandfathers, it is only since Africa became colonised and became a capitalist playground that we talk of food shortages and insecurities of the magnitudes we have seen recently.

Let me nog your memory a little, Substinence farmers fed their families and friends from domestic fields (not labelled as farms). The Real effect of this was that the said family and friends never went shopping to buy food provided by their fields.

Food Security was not an issue because the land (fields) were cultivated differently according to crops and seasons.

Then we migrated to the urban towns, put our skills of tilling and cultivating the land in the surburbs as "garden boys" and spent days-on-end planting flowers and prunning roses and getting stung and scratched by the thorns until the passion slowly died while chain-stores plugged the gap by putting food on the shelves. I grew up in a rural environment where we had general dealers (shops) that would sell stuff from a nail to a coffin, but never a cabbage because food was home-grown.

Our own Afrikan stomachs are at the mercy of Big Business and their Supply & Demand tricks [ which have resulted in food dumping - physically throwing away or destroying the food], while we pride oirselves of the GREENEST LAWN in our locations, which begs a question : WHO EATS GRASS ??

Everyday of our lives we as Afrikans, embrace the colonialist ideologies that were meant to degrade us collectively as a nation.

While we are in our self-destructive mode, we are now being offered [genetically modified] food and seeds.
The biggest concern here, my brothers and sisters, is that we suddenly have donors that want to save Africa from starvation and provide food security.


These philanthropists or 'merciful' donors want to destroy our natural seedlings that we have used over the years and extend their 'help' by handing to us Genetically Modified and Patented Seeds.

Genetically Modified or Preservetive and Additives saturated foods is equal to the range of sicknesses and cancers that we are suffering from.

Patented Seeds means that the 'mercuful' donor has rights over what we plant and eat. In fact it means that for every bag of maize or cassava that we eat we must pay someone royalties for it.

IT WAS NOT LONG AGO when in South Africa we had an issue with the 'African Potato' (an indeginous herbal plant that had existed and was used by our healers for years) that was a subject of some Patent Rights dispute of some pharmaceuticla companies and/or individuals.

The Gates Foundation wants to patent our seeds ! Anyone who has bought or used the Microsoft Computer Software or Range of Programs ( products of Mr Bill Gates's company - Microsoft) knows how they use licencing to FOREVER make money, to them, each and every computer, whether on a licenced network or stand-alone, must pay licence fees.

AFRIKANS, allow these people to 'donate' these patented seeds and you will have to pay ROYALTIES FOR EVERY PLATE ON YOUR TABLE for generations to come.

FOOD SECURITY is in your capable hands, one garden plot at a time for each family.


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