Everything Shall Come to Pass


Ma-Afrika, since the time of the first conquest and domination of our ancestors by Arabs, in or around the 7th century, we have never known peace on the land of our ancestors and indeed in the lands of other people's ancestors. Our position of domination has seen us move from being a free and independent people to being enslaved and colonised, when we thought we were free only to be subjected to neo-colonialism.

The centuries of being used, abused and misused, by foreigners and in some cases fellow Afrikans have convinced some of us that we were born to suffer and servitude is our lot in life. Some have even attributed such state of being to the Creator.

Well, my Brathas and Sistas, no need to despair, if we really apply ourselves, our minds and our efforts, to freeing ourselves, everything shall be no more. Nothing will ever last forever, whether we label something as good or bad, at some point or the other it will come to pass. All things have their time and time elapses so they do come to an end. The positions/situations that we are in right now, individually and collectively shall come to pass, it will come to an end and we are going to experience a new reality: here on earth, whilst we live, in the now, I am not talking about the after life.

Our state of being, as manifested currently, Ma-Afrika, is not perpetual, let us make it come to an end and we shape a new reality for ourselves, we are co-creators of our own realities.
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