Determine Your Speed and Elavation


In many places around the world where people drive motor vehicles, there are laws regulating the speed at which a vehicle may be driven on public roads. Violation of the laws related to speeding carry different penalties depending on where one is driving and the circumstances behind which the offence would have been committed.

These limits were set by humans, for other humans and are not, in themselves, universal.

Just as the case is with motor vehicles, human beings also have limits. The limits that we have as people relate to speed and elevation:

As Regards Speed:
In the main, human beings, both at individual and collective level, totally unrelated to motor vehicles, have speed limits. The difference between these limits and the already mentioned speed limits related to motor vehicles is that these are not set by anyone other than the mover or movers. That is to say that, unlike motor vehicles, in this case, the individual or the recognized or recognizable collective has the power, the right and the authority to determine their own speed limit.

Generally, all human beings have goals and achievements that they want to realize. The realization of such is, to a great extent, directly related to the speed at which people move towards meeting the necessary requirements to the attainment of their mission. The good thing about the speed in this case, is that there is no violation of any speed limit and hence no penalty for over speeding. Admittedly caution is required at times, but such caution is generally determined by the mover and some other related circumstances.

In actual fact, it is most advisable that we all realize that setting ourselves speed limits, in the drive to attain our goals is acceptable as long as the speed limits are not set by others for us or circumstances which we are capable of negotiating around. No individual or race has the right, the power nor the authority to seek to determine the speed at which another individual or people group may seek to develop and advance.

We know what we have to achieve ma-Afrika and it is up to us to determine how fast or slowly we will move to the achievement of our objectives.

As Regards Elavation:
In remarking about the endeavor to become great achievers, some have been heard saying "the sky is the limit" and some say "aim for the sky you might land on the moon". As pure motivational statements, these are good in their own right but we should aim at infinity.

May I encourage us ma-Afrika, to never lose sight of the fact that beyond the sky is the whole solar system, there are galaxies out there that we hardly ever hear about. Let that which is beyond those galaxies be the height of where we want to elevate ourselves, not just the moon or sky. Just because some have confined themselves to the moon and the stars that does not mean we have to stop there as well, we have every right and reason to aim higher. We are not limited by other people's experiences and achievements.

Let our motivation be the achievements of our Ancestors of old. To this day, despite the technological advancement being as sophisticated as it has become, science still cannot explain the building of the pyramids, more so the movement of those heavy boulders. Surprisingly we have now relegated ourselves to a position where other people now determine how high we can or indeed may go. Worse still we tend to set ourselves the lowest possible ceilings; a serious insult to our Ancestors as far as I am concerned.

Ma-Afrika, none other than ourselves can and should seek to determine our elevation. We have a responsibility to ourselves and future generations to take charge of deciding whether or not there is a limit to how high we aspire to elevate ourselves; no one may or can decide that for us.
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