Useful life tips and tricks that can save your life when real danger comes your way


We can cheat death once or twice in our lives and avoid unnecessary mortification by following a few tricks and tips at the hour of danger. Here is a few tricks that can help you at the hour of death. Digging through my quora feed I found a list of people who had survived death and shared the physical skill sets they applied when they were needed the most.

Trapped under sea or ocean waves
I can tell you about the advice which saved my life.
It happened during my business trip to Mauritius. That was the first time that I was going to see Indian Ocean so I was very excited about the prospect. When we arrived, the very first thing I wanted to do was to put my swimming suit on and take a swim from the hotel beach. I did so. I swam a couple of hundred meters and decided to return. I started moving towards the hotel beach. But it did not work out. I tried different methods but each time waves drove me more and more away from the beach. “That might be a silly ending”, I thought. And that was the point when I recalled what my swimming instructor told me once about swimming in open waters. He said, “Never try to fight waters, by doing so you will get tired very quickly and spend your energy with zero result. Your task is to relax, to feel dynamics of the waves and move in line with them. Imagine you’re a part of it”. I guess it was only the 7th try when I managed to catch a wave and finally swam back to hotel.
His causal advice saved my life. I can’t know if it will save yours but you can never know.

Just remember: Swim parallel to the shore to escape a rip tide.

Another advice went on to read
If swimming in the ocean and you get caught in a rip tide (you are being dragged out to sea) start to swim PARALLEL to the shore. The rip is not usually more than 30-40 feet across. If you try to swim against it you will tire quickly and drown.
Also, if you are surfing or in big surf and get held under, start to count. Most waves will not hold you down more than 10 seconds. This is good advice to teach the kids when in big waves. That way they wont panic.

Trapped under Snow
If you are stuck under snow where you lose your sense of direction, create a small pocket near your mouth and spit.. This will give you an idea of which way you shud be digging to get out of the snow as your saliva would be trickling towards the centre of the earth. Dig in the opposite direction..

Riding a suspicious taxi
If the driver of the taxi you have hailed is behaving suspiciously, this little trick may just save your life.

Make a call or pretend to make a call to someone, anyone (doesn't matter).
In the course of the conversation, enunciate the digits of the taxi numberplate (could just be the last long as the driver hears those digits)

The cabby has no clue what the purpose behind the call is; all he knows is that his taxi is now identifiable by a contact of the passenger. Odds are he won't try any stunts on that ride.

Crossing a busy road on foot
When crossing a road on foot, assume you are invisible.

If it's completely dark, anything can be used as a flashlight - a cellphone or camera screen, even an indicator LED on a battery charger or film camera.

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