Ma-Afrika, Let Us Go Far As We Go Together

"If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together" ~ Afrikan Proverb

During the days of the Afrikan people's struggles for liberation, one of the most common slogans was "divided we fall, united we stand". The truth behind this statement, it's relevance and significance, to the people and their solidarity in struggle, cannot be overemphasized.

The emphasis was on the unity of the efforts required in order to respond appropriately and decisively to the colonial powers and their repressive machinations. In as much as people could have purported to believe in the same struggle ideals and objectives there was a tendency to create different groupings, all in the name of the struggle.

Now that, "politrically", we have replaced the colonial powers, except for North Afrika, we have to advance ourselves as the Global Afrikan Family. To ensure that the sacrifices of those who made it possible to topple the oppressors are not waisted and made a mockery of, there is still a lot of work to be done in bringing the people together around a common vision for the advancement of the interests of the Global Afrikan Family.

Yes, there are several examples of successful people of Afrikan descent who have done well or are doing well. Some of our successful people have decided to "go it alone", where going it alone has, in some cases, involved or involves working with a small, well selected and clearly identifiable group. Yes they can, in many ways, be classified as achievers, but the one fact that they and indeed no one else cannot dispute is that for as long as the condition of the generality of the Global Afrikan Family is what it is and therefore deemed shameful, they will not be exempt from being perceived and considered, also, as symbols of shame. The racial brand is inescapable and cannot be hidden, when derogatory remarks of a racial nature are made they are automatically covered as well, no exemptions at all. Hard as anyone may try, that blood running in their veins, that DNA that defines their Afrikanness, from the days of our Ancestors, is alive and well in every living being who is of Afrikan descent.

Uphondo urges all members of the Global Afrikan Family, individually and collectively, to restructure our mindsets; as against thinking about going "quickly" let us think about going "far". Definitely, if you "go it alone" you will most likely go quickly, you have no one to worry about or care about, crudely put, you have no excess baggage, no one to take responsibility for. Such attitude and approach is not in keeping with the principles and values of Ubuntu.

The essence of Afrikanness is in togetherness. For us to go far, as the proverb reminds us, we have to go together. We are our Brathas' and Sistas' keepers, we do have a responsibility to each other, we do have a duty to care for the interests of the members of the Family. The least of our Brethren and/or Sistren must not have to wallow in conditions that they cannot deal with, alone: those of us who are better off, who are able, who have been blessed must remember that we are blessed in order to bless. We have a responsibility to reach out and extend a hand to those, our people, who are in need.

Let us join hands and create an unbreakable chain. Let us pool our resources together and uplift ourselves and our Afrika. There is no better time than now for us to appreciate and apply the teachings, principles and values of Ubuntu, that emphasize the critical importance of looking out for each other and hence working together. This is the only way that we can truly go far.

It is most imperative that as we join hands and create our chain, everyone must pull their weight, sacrifice if need be and give their all for the sake of the whole. No joy riders should seek to take advantage of the energy and efforts of others and therefore hope to advance at the expense of others, that is totally unacceptable, it is just self-seeking and a sign of laziness and exploitation of other people.

There is no one who is or should be classed as useless, we all have something to contribute. Necessarily the nature of our contributions will differ, the manner of quantifying the said contributions will also differ but what must be and has to be constant and the same for all of us, is the quality of our contributions. Whether one is able to give, comparatively, something bigger or smaller than another is not the issue. It is not a competition against each other. Of critical importance is that we should give our all, our very best, as if our individual and collective lives depended on just that one contribution that we are capable of making.

Ma-Afrika, let us go far as we go together.


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