Islam the religion of peace?


My thoughts on the crisis we face in today's world.... What do ISIS, Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah, ( just to name a few of Islamic Terror Groups) have in common?... Islam. What are all their goals ?...To establish the Caliphate, an Islamic State Worldwide. I hear people and leaders alike say " We must destroy ISIS" or Hamas, Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, or any other terror group that arises...but I don't hear anybody say , "We must destroy Islam". That's right, Islam. We will NEVER win this war on terror until we recognize and acknowledge the SOURCE that drives each terror group into action. Muhammad, the founder of Islam was himself a terrorist who stole lands by using such tactics. He boasted in Bukhari 4:52.220 " I have been made victorious through TERROR " why would we expect anything less from his adherents ? There are at least 109 verses in the Quran that calls muslims to wage war on the non muslims in order to bring about the cause of Islam, which is the Caliphate , a Global Islamic State, governed and ruled by Sharia Law. This IS the goal of every terror group united under the banner of Islam.

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But wait a minute, I hear people say.. "I have muslim friends, and they are nice people " or muslims themselves saying " They do not represent the true Islam" . ...but "nice" doesn't define Islam, and Muhammad is representative of what true Islam is. Islam means surrender or submission. Muhammad was a Warlord who ordered his followers to surrender their lives & submit themselves under the call for a Global Islamic any cost , even bloodshed. Surah 9:29 says ..FIGHT those who believe not in allah, nor the last day..Surah 9:33 Islam to PREVAIL OVER ALL religions.. Surah 9:20,21,24,38,39,41 44,52... just to name a few all speak of fighting in the cause of allah & his messenger . it says how those "nice" muslim friends you have who do not fight in allahs cause are marked by allah for punishment & a grievous penalty , and that allah will put fighters better then them, ( as he puts it) in their place to fight for the cause of allah. Allah considers those nice stay at home muslims to be lazy, attached to the world and will receive their just punishment

Surah 47:4 says , Therefore , when you meet the unbelievers ( in fight) , smite at their necks; ( beheadings) at length, when you thoroughly subdue them . There are numerous verses in the Quran that calls to war & bloodshed for the cause of Global Islamic Rule. When we see groups like ISIS , Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, you are looking at the true face of Islam, they are the faithful, the ones who sold their goods and bodies for the cause of allah, which he promises a high reward. They are the face of Muhammad, who like them consider it a high honor to be detached from this world for the cause of Islamic Rule Worldwide.

Untill our Leaders & Military recognize the source that drives muslims to war against the rest of the non Islamic world , we will be fighting & wasting our money and resources on an enemy we have not identified. Destroy ISIS and there will ALWAYS be another ISIS, destroy Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah...and there WILL ALWAYS be another Islamic Terror group that will rise up to carry on the work of the one who called them to the " Cause of allah" To rid the world of Islam is to first BAN Islam in your country as a Political Terror Organization, and NOT a religion. Then STOP muslim immigration, deport the ones in our countries, because the banner of Islam is wide, reaching non-fighters & fighter alike.

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  • This is the hard truth. We cannot deny the fact that Islam promotes hate against any other religion and everyone who is not part of them deserves to die according to them. My solution is however different from the one you are suggesting. I believe if conflict transformation through educational channels and advocate for the world to be transformed through that not fighting. I believe the Islam world can attest to the fact that we can't all be like them and hence we will need to tolerate each other
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