21 March 2017 marks the 57th year since the barbaric murder of more 70 men, women and children during Positive Action Campaign coordinated and led by the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania.

The Langa/Sharpeville Massacre, as it is rightfully known, was one of the most horrendous responses of the apartheid regime to the demands of the Africans for the right for self-determination in the land of their Ancestors. The events of the day sent shock waves literally across the world, earning it international recognition as Sharpeville Day and the United Nations General Assembly declaring it as the International Day For The Elimination Of Racial Discrimination.

The Sharpeville Uprising, drew comments from the likes of Franz Fanon, author of Wretched of the Earth when he said “The Pan Africanist Congress and the urban proletariat actively intervened in their affairs and ushered in a new period, rich in historical perspective and pregnant with political possibilities for the democratic movement…Sharpeville has become a symbol [of African liberation struggle]. It was through it, that men and women in the world became acquainted with the problem of South Africa”

To the PAC, the commemoration is more than just another public holiday, but a day of mourning, remembering and honouring their martyrs. PAC President Luthando Mbinda, the main speaker, at the Commemoration Rally to take place at Sobukwe Square, kwaLanga, on Tuesday, reflecting on the events of the day stated that “it is with pain and sorrow to note that 57 years after the African martyrs laid their lives down for freedom, it seems their deaths were in vain as freedom seems to have eluded the African people who are seen, year in-year out, celebrating the dispossession of their land in the name of constitutional democracy. The PAC is still true to fight started by the martyrs of 1960”.

Mr. Kenneth Bafo, the PAC Provincial Chairman commenting on the events of 21 March 1960 and the 30 000 people march from kwaLanga to Cape Town said, “we (the PAC) literally brought Cape Town to a standstill as the African masses struck fear into the hearts of the white regime. The regime could not help but feel and respect the might of the resolve of the PAC to free the Africans from oppression”.

Amongst the core aspects of the messages of the PAC leaders, at the Rally, will be an assurance to the masses of our people and the nation, as a whole, of the oneness and commitment of the PAC to Sobukwe’s Revolutionary Legacy of struggle for freedom, liberation and the dignity of the African poor majority.

The PAC President will be making the clarion call to the masses of our people to join forces with the PAC for true liberation and the total return of their land, that is still in the hands of the white-minority, despite so-called democracy. Difficult challenges facing our people and the country at all levels; Political-Economic-Social, demands genuine selfless leadership that Sobukwe provided to the masses of our people in the Positive Action Campaign against pass laws. The PAC takes charge of all-means-possible in ensuring that an Africanist government takes over the affairs in this country.

The event will also be graced by veterans of the PAC who were active on the ground and instrumental to the success of the campaign, at the time, in 1960. Veterans, Mr. Kwedi Mkalipi and Mr. Dagama Mngqibisa, will be available for interviews to reflect on the their involvement in the Anti-Pass Campaign and the scourge of racism that bedevils the social fabric of Azania (South Africa) today.

The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania Provincial Leadership kindly invites all residents of Cape Town to this remembrance and honouring 57th Langa/Sharpeville Commemoration that will be as follows:

Venue: Sobukwe Square, kwaLanga

Date: Tuesday 21 March 2017

Time: 09h00

Main Speaker(s): Mr. Luthando Mbinda (MP) [PAC PRESIDENT]
Mr. Phillip Kgosana (Leader of the 1960 30 000 people March from kwaLanga to Cape Town)

For more information please contact Mr Siybulela Ndamane (083 790 6470) or Mr Sabelo Sibanda 073 084 5415.

Thanking you in advance

SABELO SIBANDA (Media Desk) 073 084 5415
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