South African woman gives birth to third set of twins

When Samantha Phakisi rejoiced at finding out she was pregnant with twins 11 years ago, little did she know history would repeat itself two more times.

At 30-years-old, Phakisi is adjusting to having the latest addition, her third set of twins, to the family.

"When it happened the first time, I thought 'great, I am having twins'. When it happened the second time, I thought: 'Wow, I really am blessed.' You never think there will be a third time," she said.

Phakisi said she cried in disbelief when she found out she was pregnant with multiples again.

"I was excited because we had been trying," said Phakisi.

She was just several weeks into the pregnancy when she became suspicious that she could be carrying multiples because of how big her tummy was and how long the dark line on her stomach had stretched.

"I took my measuring tape and found that it was a bit too long. It stretches along through the pregnancy but mine just showed me that something big is going on," she said.

Phakisi visited her gynaecologist who confirmed the news.

"It was like nothing like I can describe," she said, saying that she burst into tears.

The father was also in disbelief.

Source : News24

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