Our Perfect Wedding : Fanie and Bavelile: 29 November 2015

Our Perfect Wedding featured Fanie and Bavelile on 29 November 2015. The epic wedding was the climax of two love birds who met when the groom was 28 and the bride was 14. Fanie the groom is not even afraid to say he was a womanizer and would sleep with 3 to 4 women per day. But finally Miss Mkhwananzi had to be found and she is none other than the lucky Bavelile

Here are some pics from their wedding:

Last week's couple weren't the only ones with a significant age gap. Tune in to #OurPerfectWedding in to see Fanie and Bavelile's very dramatic love story. Our Perfect Wedding : Fanie and Bavelile

Fanie was an unapologetic womaniser in his day. He used to bed 3 or 4 women a day! But love reformed him and made a family man out of him.Our Perfect Wedding : Fanie and Bavelile

Like a fierce lioness defending her cubs, Bavelile's mom did everything in her power to ensure her daughter's tawdry relationship didn't ruin her future. Eventually, she decided that they must marry.Our Perfect Wedding : Fanie and Bavelile

When it comes to bridal cars, it just doesn't get much classier than a Rolls Royce. Bavelile is a lucky girl!

Tumi has been a bad, bad wedding guest! she has thus far failed to comply with the theme set by the groomsmen. One of them insists she does the right things and "comes to Daddy's bosom."Our Perfect Wedding : Fanie and Bavelile

"No comments from the peanut gallery" will not work here. The peanut gallery is loud, fun, and Tumi has no choice but to just have fun with them.Our Perfect Wedding : Fanie and Bavelile

She has outwitted, outplayed and outlasted all the women vying for Fanie's affections, and now she's Mrs Mkhwanazi, the real Mc Coy!Our Perfect Wedding : Fanie and Bavelile

Bavelile has graduated from Fanie's Sarafina to his fully fledged wife! Congratulations to the lovely couple
Our Perfect Wedding : Fanie and Bavelile

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