Don't give up on your marriage because of money or Jezebel

We get married for the things that we can get out of the marriage more than we are willing to put in it. We are driven by the marriage’s spiritual killer which, “is the lust of today’s eye, the lust of today’s flesh and the pride of today’s life. Can you as a believing wife leave your husband for a reason like, “not being able to provide and money,” the lack of it” and breaking a Set Apart covenant with YaHWeH?

Yet you sing and shout “My Elohim knows the plan He purposed for me”. What if the lack of money of your husband now is within that plan which YaHWeH has for you? Don’t you know having money is a temporary position? To lose permanent positions of life eternity because of it, does not make sense?

You husband, you leave your wife for a Barbie shaped girl, don’t you know that beauty is only skin deep? One must seek the beauty of the heart through YaHShua, Besides the most beautiful ones are yet to be born in each impending generations. Let YaHWeH give you those things He has planned for you let your job, your spouse or your children be blessings from the Most High do not interfere with the Will of YaHWeH. “Father Let Your Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heavens ” So Be It.

Pastor Washington
Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH
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