Manhunt on for gang of female robbers

women robbers
Pretoria - Police are searching for a gang of four women who are allegedly involved in a spate of house robberies in Pretoria Moot, Villieria and Brooklyn.

women robbers

Police spokesperson Captain Colette Weilbach said the group gained entrance to the house by asking to use the bathroom.

Weilbach said one of the women was apparently pregnant. They spoke English and Sotho.

"Last week a 57-year-old domestic worker from Menlo Park was approached by four women in a silver-coloured vehicle while she was watering the garden. Two of the women asked to use the bathroom.

women robbers

"She directed them to the outer building bathroom. When they returned, she opened the gate for them and the other two women entered," she said.

women robbers

Weilbach said one of the women ran to the house. The domestic worker gave chase trying to stop the woman but the other three caught up with them and allegedly threatened the domestic worker with a firearm inside the house. They made off with a laptop and an undisclosed amount of money, said Weilbach.

She said a case of house robbery was opened at the Brooklyn police station.

"Neighbouring police stations are investigating similar cases of theft that were allegedly committed by four women who match the descriptions," she said.

Weilbach called on employers to inform their domestic workers not to open gates for strangers.

"Employers are advised to regularly remind their domestic workers to be vigilant and extremely security conscious if they are alone at home," said Weilbach.

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