Aya Mpama is leaving Our Perfect Wedding

aya mpama
Ayanda Mpama will no longer be hosting Our Perfect Wedding, but she's insisting her leaving has nothing to do with social media criticism!

She has been the target of a lot of hate on Twitter, ​The Juice reported.

Viewers were keen to have Tumi Morake brought back to host.

Now Aya confirmed that next Sunday will be the last time she presents the show.

Mzansi Magic also seemed to suggest her leaving had nothing to do with fans' criticism: "Our viewers have really enjoyed this season with Ayanda as evidenced by the rising audience," they said in a statement.

Ayanda told The Juice that she had a great time doing the show.

"I am very proud of the work that I did on the show and I signed a contract for 13 episodes, which has come to an end," she was quoted saying.

"I always took the criticism on my chin because people are entitled to their opinions. I also never let people who don't know me, judge me."

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