Man marries an orphan, pays lobola to orphanage


Lobola is described as a token of gratitude on the part of the bridegroom’s family to that of his bride, for raising her and giving their blessing for the marriage, for this particular bride the only family she had was the orphanage she was raised by.

Theirs is a classic boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl and boy marries girl story, what makes it different is the unique approach they took in uniting their ‘families’ traditionally.

Noel Peru a student at Technical University of Mombasa paid lobola/dowry to the only family, his wife Joy Nyambura Zion has known since 2001 - Calvary Zion Childrens Home.

According to Kenyan publication,, Nyambura, a nursery school teacher, grew up in an orphanage with her two siblings after their mother died in 2001.

The home’s director Jane Karigo has been the only mother figure she knew since then.

The orphanage received the dowry that included a cow, goats and money.

“Love knows no boundary. But the main reason why I chose to marry a girl from an orphanage is because I believe they value life much more than girls who are already blessed with everything in life. They are more loving and caring because they really do value people who are close to them,’’ the groom was quoted saying.

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