J Something from Micasa is getting married

j something
IT SOUNDS as if J’Something is getting married to his girlfriend, Coco.

The MiCasa vocalist has always shied away from discussing his love life, but we have it on good authority that he recently got engaged.

Coco, whose real name is Cordelia Godi, is the culinary head at J’s company, Somethings School.

A source told the People’s Paper: “They look so happy and you can just see how much they love each other.

“J will be paying lobola for Coco in October and they are still deciding when to do the white wedding.

“She has been spotted wearing a beautiful engagement ring.”

The two, who have kept the details of their relationship out of the public eye, live together in Joburg and have been together for more than four years.

j something 2

The source said: “Coco is even learning how to speak Portuguese so their kids can also know the language and have Portuguese and South African citizenship, like J.”

But when he was contacted for comment through MiCasa manager Collin Mokgaotsi, J said: “Nope, am not engaged yet, but it’s definitely part of the plan.

“Will be sure to let them know when the exciting news arrives.”

Three weeks ago, J posted a photo of his girlfriend on Instagram while on tour.

“He posted a picture of her for the first time in July, with the caption: “Three steps behind me to the left.”

She responded to the post by quoting Jada Pinkett Smith: “Anything that comes toward him from behind, I encounter first.

“I can clearly see what advances to his right and his left.

“I also have my sights on what approaches ahead.

“If I stand beside my King, I can only focus on what’s ahead and if he swings his sword I will surely be struck.

“Three steps behind is the most powerful position for a queen.”

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