Bonang might be the reason behind Zinhle and AKA split

Media darling Bonang Matheba has been ousted as apparently having scandalously hooked up with rapper AKA behind his ex-girlfriend's back.

Matheba and AKA were seen together at the BET Awards where Queen B is said to have followed him around, reports Move magazine.

The two were also seen cosying up at the Hilton Hotel as they were both there for the Durban July, they apparently shared an intimate moment over drinks and later left the bar together according to the magazine's source.

Another source told the weekly magazine: "When the two are together they do not even try to hide the fact there is chemistry between them. There is something in the way they look at each other and their interaction speaks volumes."


Bonang and AKA with African musicians Sarkodie and Stonebwoy at the BET Awards.

Zinhle, AKA and Matheba both failed to respond to the allegations but Matheba did take to Twitter to rubbish the claims. However, the statement released by AKA and Zinhle on their split seemingly gives basis to Move's claims.

While the statement did not go into detail about the break-up, it came as a shock announcement after Zinhle gave birth to baby Kairo a month ago. AKA and Zinhle also live together and had previously expressed their love and commitment towards each other.

Matheba on the other hand has failed dismally to keep a solid relationship. Although successful in her career, the star has swept through relationships with Slikour, Euphonik and recently D'Banj who abruptly ended their fling by proclaiming his love for a Nigerian billionaire businesswoman.

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