Khanyi and Tebogo are still going strong

Khanyi (1)
Despite all the breakup rumours that have been surrounding them, it will appear that ‘It Couple’ Khanyi Mbau and Tebogo Lerole are still going strong.

Khanyi (2)

The couple stepped out for as social event on Sunday, and took the opportunity to share a few snapshots on Instagram, that clearly rubbished all the breakup rumours.

The fated question then becomes: Was there ever a break up?

Khanyi (3)

One fan took to the comment section, to ask the question that is on everyone’s mind.

Khanyi ambiguously clapped back:

“I can only reply to a question, I cannot respond to a conclusion or an opinion that you have chosen to base on a fact! There's a difference. Approach is also regarded as good manners. I owe nobody anything. Remember I am Khanyi Mbau not Margaret Thatcher.”

If you visit Tebogo’s Instagram account you can see him sharing plenty of ‘Throwback Thursday’ pictures of him and Khanyi.


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