Proverb and wife going strong after cheating scandal

Following a cheating scandal that rocked “Idol SA” presenter Proverb and wife Onalerona, it appears that the couple’s marraige is stronger than ever.

A few weeks ago, news broke that Proverb’s wife had cheated on him with a Jo'burg businessman and the rapper took to social media to practically confirm the reports while hinting at reconciliation.

Fast-forward to three weeks after the cheating scandal broke and it appears that the couple is indeed working on their marriage.

Onalerona, recently shared a lovey-dovey selfie on Instagram with her husband – captioned merely with a heart emoji – looking happier than ever.

Proverb also recently took to the same platform to thank all his “real genuine friends” for being there for him during tough times.

“I've always considered myself a loner but recently I've come to learn and realize that I have some real genuine friends. People in my life who care and have my back and I can't tell you how grateful I am and how blessed I am to have you. Thank you eternally. (You know who you are)” Proverb jotted down.

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