Being an Afrikan

african beauty
Being an Afrikan ... (... is not a Mask or Disguise)

Being Afrikan is neither a mask nor a disguise that people must wear whenever they fall foul of their political bosses.

Being Afrikan is not a parachute to save sell-outs when their puppet masters change the tune from they are used to dancing for.

(The sell-outs must fall, crash as a consequence of their ignorance to serve our Mathaland, Afrika.)

Being Afrikan is weatherproof and is not seasonal. Half-hearted commitments will not make you an Afrikan.

Being Afrikan is not derived from songs, slogans and personal praises.

Being Afrikan is about actions; Actions to feed soul of Matha Afrika and her children.

Being Afrikan is a Spiritual connection. You cannot attach and detach yourself as you please.

Being Afrikan is a commitment to serve Matha Afrika and her children. The children of the two-legged, the four-legged and the crawling type.

Being Afrikan is a commitment to preserving plant and flora of the Mathaland.
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